We believe that boarding and school life are an integrated community that enables our boarders to extend their learning outside normal school hours. Boarders are given the opportunity to take up music lessons such as violin, guitar, drums and piano; and engage in a range of sports’ activities after school.

Our boarding house parents go the extra mile in caring for the boarders by encouraging them to foster respect and concern for one another. Each set of boarding house comes with its own chill-out area where our boarding house parents created a personalised homely environment for boarders to relax and share their thoughts. Boarders get to enjoy supper prepared by their house parents, watch movies, go on trips and celebrate birthdays, all of which add spice to their boarding life, marking it a memorable and enjoyable journey.

Apart from forging life-long friendships here, boarders learn to be disciplined, responsible and independent.

Parents have a choice of either full day boarding or weekday boarding for their children.



  • Hostels comprise of cluster houses located within the school’s campus
  • CCTVs are located at common areas for close monitoring
  • All rooms are installed with window grilles
  • 24-hour security within the hostel compound, with frequent patrolling by security officers


  • All boarders are expected to abide with our boarding rules and regulations (A copy of which will be available upon request)
  • House parents/wardens are responsible for the safety, welfare, discipline and pastoral well-being of the boarders
  • Study time at the boarding house will be monitored closely by house parents/wardens


  • House parents will contact and communicate on a regular basis to parents on the progress and welfare of the child
  • Each house has internet access
  • Student could communicate with parents via Skype after homework and during weekends


  • Fully furnished, with attached bathroom
  • Each floor comes with 3 single rooms and 1 double room
  • Equipped with air-conditioner and fan
  • Bathroom comes equipped with instant water heater
  • Room furniture includes study table, chair, wardrobe, bed and mattress
  • Common area is equipped with fridge, fan and sofa


  • Rooms will be cleaned on a bi-weekly basis
  • Boarders are expected to keep their common areas, respective rooms and toilets clean and tidy
  • Laundry service is provided, 7kg each time during school term
    • Two times a week for weekday boarders
    • Three times a week for full boarders
    • Boarders are expected to hand-wash personal delicate materials


  • Full time boarders are provided with 4 meals, 7 days a week
  • Weekday boarders are provided with 4 meals from Monday to Thursday, breakfast and lunch on Friday dinner upon request on Sunday
  • All meals are prepared with nutrition in mind


  • Weekday boarders are expected to leave the hostel when school finishes on Friday and must return by 8:00pm on Sunday
  • All boarders are expected to vacate the hostel during mid-term and term breaks and must full check out with their belongings at the end of Term 3
  • In the event of public holiday falling on a weekday, all boarders have the option of either returning to their homes or staying on with no extra charges. Application of leave must be submitted to house parents/wardens
  • In the event of public holiday falling on weekend, normal procedure for weekday boarders applies. Full time boarders have the option of either staying on or returning to their homes. Application of leave must be submitted to house parents/wardens

Terms Fees

Full Boarding RM5,800 per term RM6,000 per term
Weekday Boarding RM4,700 per term RM4,900 per term

Additional charges per night for Weekday Boarder who would like to stay over the weekend: RM60 per day

Boarding Application Form

Boarding Handbook

An Alternative To Boarding

Family accommodation is available to parents who wish to stay with their children. Family units come furnished and are located approximately 1km away from the school campus.

Rental: RM1200 - RM2000 per month, excluding utilities


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